Unit7ProgDev DUE 02/26/2020 updated post

Unit7ProgDev DUE 02.26.2020Unit7AssignProgram Development for a Government AgencyAs a human services leader, you are aware, through direct or indirect work, of a government agency’s unique context of practice. Developing a program within a government agency presents its unique challenges and resources.This paper will give you the opportunity to practice how to develop a program within a government agency. This program should address the social problem and unmet community need you previously identified in the Unit 5 assignment (u05a1), regarding your local community. Utilizing your needs assessment information, you will provide a rationale for the need for this program and describe how it will meet this need.Since good program design comes with strong program evaluation, you will also determine an appropriate program evaluation strategy for your program. The government program that you, as a civil servant, design must address issues of diversity and inclusion and maintain ethical standards. To further validate and support your proposal, you will use reputable sources.InstructionsWrite a 3–5 page proposal to develop a program for a government agency. Recognizing the unique resources and context of a government agency, develop a program to address the need you presented in your community needs assessment (in Unit 5). Highlight key components of the community needs assessment that support the need for the new program, and address how the new program addresses this need. In the proposal, include an appropriate strategy for program evaluation. Integrate ethics, as well as issues of diversity and inclusion. Support your proposal with the required course readings and other reputable sources.To complete this assignment successfully, be sure to address the following:Design a program within a government agency to address your previously identified (u05a1) community need.Determine an appropriate program evaluation type for this program.Present how the program integrates accessible and culturally sensitive approaches to address issues of diversity and inclusion.Examine ethical considerations in developing and implementing this government program.Support your paper with the required readings and other reputable sources.Submission RequirementsTo complete this assignment successfully, your paper will need to meet the following specifications:Page length: Write a 3–5 page paper.Communication: Use professional academic writing and apply current APA format and style for citations and references.Resources: Support your work with a minimum of 10 reputable sources, including required readings and other scholarly or professional sources such as peer-reviewed journals.Font and size: Times New Roman, 12 point.Refer to the Program Development for a Government Agency Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment. ***SEE ATTACHMENTS***Unit7DiscInitiating a New Program in a Government AgencyDiscuss what local government agency or department would be the primary stakeholder for hosting the new program that you are designing for this week’s assignment. Support your choice with rationale and literature from the field.

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