Unit8ProgDev DUE 03/04/2020

Unit8Disc1The Benefits and Challenges of Nonprofit OrganizationsThis discussion is intended to help you grapple with the benefits and challenges of the structure of your proposal for a new program in a nonprofit organization. Based upon your community problem, identify a type of nonprofit organization that would be an appropriate host for your program. Provide a rationale for your choice. Then, complete your initial post with at least two benefits and one challenge for adopting a nonprofit organization model for your program.Unit8Disc2Nonprofit Organizations That Address a Community’s Social ProblemIdentify two nonprofit organizations that are addressing the community problem that you identified in your community needs assessment. Describe, in your own words, the program within each nonprofit organization that addresses this community problem. The nonprofit organization may take a different approach to programming than your own. Critique how well these two nonprofits address diversity and inclusion in the implementation of the program.

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