use five forces model value chain ecosystem analysis to analysis jd com

1.Five Forces Model

Barriers to entry,Supplier power,Buyer power,Substitutes,Rivalry.

Determine for each force at least 3 characteristics as either positive (+) or negative (-) from the perspective of the organization/product in the middle cell (Degree of Rivalry). For each force, there should be a minimum of three characteristics or 15 total characteristics per model. I need more than 12 references in the part.

2.Value Chain

Conduct research on inbound logistics (producers), operations (processing), outbound logistics, marketing, and service (consumption).

• identify the functional areas of the value chain for each of the (1) primary activities and (2) secondary activities.

• Draw interconnections and flows between all of the nine processes. 5 references.

3.Steps in Ecosystem Analysis

1. Clearly agree on the firm’s altruistic goal, industry, and


2. Conduct the external strategic analysis

– Know the gaps and where technology can play

– Determine where the organization wants to go next

3. Conduct the internal strategic analysis

– Logically model all of the key processes in the organization

– Determine which processes require reengineering and/or design

4. Conduct a cultural analysis

– What is some unique feature of a culture that identify it? (for example, trains in


5. Understand all of the players in the ecosystem

– Determine what the products from each of the players

– Build a model showing relationships between the ecosystem players

6. Develop relationships with one or more players

– Build a strategy to co-create one or more products

– Determine the business model for the innovation

7. Build a prototype for demonstration

– Develop a working prototype for discussion

– Test the product with the consumer

8. Complete a Blue Ocean Strategy analysis.

9. Conduct consumer (market) analysis:

– Determine the factors critical to consumer adoption

– Generate surveys to ascertain consumer factors of product

adoption success

– Analyze the data to determine the correlations

10. Determine the innovative-type technology needed to create the


– For example, near-field Sony Felica chip

– Develop relationship, acquire, or build the technology integration

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