Waiting for Superman Documentary

DUE IN 5 HOURS (10PM EST)Watch video in the link provided and answer following questionshttps://vimeo.com/67325868Answer the following questions1. Do you agree with the direction of the documentary and with the solution provided (Hint: What is Guggenheim’s argument). Explain why or why not. Provide a rationale for your argument.2. The documentary follows a couple of students. Choose any 2 students and analyse their situation. Do you agree with the solution provided? Why or Why not?3. Are are any sections in the documentary that stood out to you? Explain why and provide the time frame (time stamp) of the section.Instructions:Write a 1 page single spaced analytical response that responds to the following questions. Reference sections of the video to back up your evaluation. Make sure that the response is written in an essay format, not Q and A. Do not number each para as an answer to the question and do not start your essay with I agree, I agree etc…

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