watch hearts of darkness a filmmaker s apocalypse and write a 2 pages business memo

FILM: “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse” Directed by Eleanor Coppola, George Hickenlooper, Fax Bahr.

In the late 1970s, as renegade filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola struggles to complete an epic allegory of the Vietnam War, “Apocalypse Now,” his wife, Eleanor, films his daily travails with a camera of her own. The documentary based on her footage details the difficulties of the large production — from weather-related delays in the Philippines to star Martin Sheen’s heart attack while filming — and it provides unprecedented behind-the-scenes clips of one of Hollywood’s most-acclaimed films.

Ask yourself: What does it take to Produce an ambitious film? How does a Producer adjust and complete a film when financing, politics, and life intercedes?

Watch the entire film and write a two page Business Memo (single spacing, using headings and/or outlining to create sections of the different aspects of a Producer’s job – such as: Development, Pre-Production, Post; or Business, Creative, Legal; or Financing, Creative Development, Distribution) analyzing, detailing and outlining what you learned (and were surprised at) about producing.

Link for Business memo samples:

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