watch the video to answer questions 2

Once you have watched all seven (7) videos, this material will be evaluated by each student completing the Tort Law Quiz attached to this email and posted. This Tort Law Quiz is worth 15% of your course grade so be sure to take your time, be thorough, and answer the questions completely using full sentences, proper grammar, and appropriate spelling and punctuation. Carefully proofread your responses before you submit them.

After completing the Tort Law Quiz, please complete the Tort Law Worksheet wherein you create examples of the three (3) theories of tort liability. This replaces the two points from the final two (2) law

firm in
-class cases that we will now not be able to complete in class. As we have already completed four (4) of the in-class cases, the two points of this Worksheet will equal the six

6) total course points that were allotted originally for the in-class law firm cases. The Tort Law Worksheet is attached to this email and posted on Blackboard.

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