What are the disadvantages of thesis review

thesis reviewA thesis review prepared for defense is usually designed by an experienced specialist in the given field of knowledge. The list of reviewers is approved by the university’s issuing department long before the defense begins, so each reviewer has the opportunity to familiarize himself in advance with the topic of work or projects and select for evaluation those that are most consistent with the profile of his main activity. Thus, shortcomings in the thesis review, an example of which is usually considered in consultations by scientific supervisors, is an opportunity for the graduate to avoid many finished work defects.

The essence of the comments that are usually expressed in a thesis review

Since the reviewer usually has a lot of production practice, he finds most of the shortcomings precisely in the project’s practical part or work. Moreover, the time for reviewing is limited (no more than 2-3 days), and it is not possible to delve into the theoretical provisions in a short period. Most often, reviewers note in their comments:

  1. Carelessness in the work design (both in the text and in the visual and graphic materials).
  2. Lack of documents or certificates on the base enterprise’s readiness/institution to implement a part of the presented results.
  3. Punctuation or spelling errors in the text.
  4. Lack of some logical conclusions that are important from the point of view of the reviewer.
  5. Unconvincing explanations of the results obtained, which are not accompanied, moreover, by figures or diagrams.

More significant shortcomings are usually noted in reviews of the master’s thesis, which is explained by the reviewers’ higher qualifications. Deficiencies in the thesis’s assessment are examples of how sometimes there is not enough time for a performer to document the results of his many months of work properly.

Way out of the situation

thesis reviewAn experienced leader of a thesis project or work, taking into account possible problems with the review, usually considers the work’s intermediate results in advance and advises the performer on the identified weaknesses. But this is not always the case: many students do not come to consultations, as a result of the error it is merely impossible to correct it due to lack of time. The way out is simple: in case of the threat of such time trouble, a graduate student can always turn to our authors for qualified help, who have the opportunity to prepare high-quality materials for diploma design. Usually, the author’s selection is made upon the presentation of the topic of the upcoming thesis by the graduate student.

Cooperation can be fruitful only if the appeal is timely. After all, no specialist, even if of the highest qualifications, will prepare materials in a few days or even weeks. Formally, one can observe everything, but the lack of logic in statements, insufficient amount of calculations, graphical errors and shortcomings are the most apparent evidence of haste. The weaknesses of the review of the thesis, an example and a list discussed above, may cause a not very high assessment in defense.

To avoid these troubles, the graduate student should:

  • Prepare in advance for transfer to the author all the amount of initial information requested by him for work on the thesis or work.
  • Coordinate intermediate results with the supervisor and inform our author about all wishes and clarifications.
  • Regularly consult the author regarding the content of the sections of the work prepared for the defense.

If all these wishes are fulfilled, then problems with a positive review rarely arise.


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