write 3 pages quot how you will get your product to its destination quot

My industry is meat industry. The product you should be focus on is selling meat to people. Think how you will get your product to its destination and into the hands of your potential customers. Considering geography, which form(s) of transport will work best for your company? Consider inland transport as well as international transport. Will your product need to be warehoused at any point(s) while in transit? Think if its possible to deliver meat globally tp different countries, such as China, Singapore or Kenya from United States.

How will you identify the right person or company to assist you with this daunting task? And once you have identified the correct solution, how will you secure their services? Are there any special needs or circumstances you should consider based on your industry, product, or destination country/region?

Your response must be a maximum of 3 pages in APA Format. Please submit in Word or PDF format.

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