Write a report about basketball class

1.Assignment Requirements:a.  Equipment Neededi.  Please list the equipment you will needii.  Come to class a little early to collect equipment and set upb.  Warm-Up (10 minutes)i.  Please list all of your planned warm-up exercisesii.  Feel free to make it fun and do something newc.  Topic + Drills/Games (35 minutes)i.  Please describe the topic you plan to teach the classii.  List the drills you plan to use (minimum of one)iii.  List the games or scrimmages you plan to use to apply what you taught the classd.  Cool Down (5 minutes)i.  Please list your planned cool down exercises/gamese.  Reflectioni.  What worked well teaching the class?ii.  What did not work well?iii.  Why did you choose to teach this principle/topic?iv.  What did you learn from this experience?Below are examples of what responses to each requirement might look like.1.Assignment Requirements:a.  Equipment Neededi.  10 basketballsii.  5 conesiii.  10 penniesb.  Warm-Upi.  Dynamic Warm-Up1.  Jog2.  Backpedal3.  High knees4.  Butt kickers5.  Karaoke (down and back)ii.  Layup Lines1.  Normal layup2.  Reverse layup3.  Elbow jump shot4.  Three pointerc.  Topic + Drills/Gamesi.  Shooting1.  Technique and tips based on various situationsii.  Drills1.  Mikan drill2.  Elbow to elbow shooting3.  Free throwsiii.  Games1.  422.  5 v. 5 scrimmaged.  Cool Downi.  Game of lightning/knockoute.  Reflectioni.  What worked well teaching the class?1.  The Mikan drill was effective in teaching the other students to aim for the corner square of the backboard when shooting near the hoopii.  What did not work well?1.  The free throw drill did not work well because it took too long for the students to complete in the allotted timeiii.  Why did you choose to teach this principle/topic?1.  Shooting is one of the key components of basketball and everyone needs to know the proper technique whether that is your specialty or notiv.  What did you learn from this experience?1.  I learned how important organization is and to always have a backup drill/lesson plan in case the one I had planned does not work

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