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police officer without a law degree police officer without a law degree hope to navigate through the extensive policies? 

Police officer hope to navigate through the extensive policies?  I don’t think they should.  Policing has definitely changed over the years.

The Constitution Act of 1982 (The Charter of Rights and Freedoms) guarantees basic individual rights.  Those rights include the right the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. long with this authority, come obligations and restrictions police must meet and comply with.  In order to lawfully arrest, police must have reasonable grounds to do so.  Reasonable grounds have been defined as a set of conditions or circumstances that cause an ordinary prudent individual to form a strong belief that goes beyond mere suspicion

Of lately you are hearing to much about police officers shooting African Americans.  As to what happened during the incident I do not know but

“Officers with four-year degrees are more skilled at resolving problems without having to resort to force, and they often give citizens alternative means of compliance instead of simply relying on the stick, the mace or the gun”


Hugins, J. (2014, November 30). Require college degrees for police – tribunedigital-baltimoresun. Retrieved from articles.baltimoresun.com/…/bs-ed-police-degrees-20140930_1_c… – Similar

need help finishing the answer in italic thankslist references i didn’t put a reference for some of the answer  thanks

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