Written in APA Style, I need a 2 page paper

*Please assign to Henry*




Written in APA Style, I need a 2 page paper on Understanding and Managing Organizational behavior. In the context of understanding and managing organizational behavior do the following when writing the paper:


● Describe how perception is inherently subjective and how characteristics of the perceiver, the target,

and the situation can influence perceptions. (Chap 4 107-109)

● Explain why attributions are so important and how they can sometimes be faulty. (Chap 4 113-115)

● Explain how to effectively use reinforcement, extinction, and punishment to promote the learning of

desired behaviors and curtail ineffective behaviors. (Chap 5 130-134)

● Describe how learning takes place continuously through creativity, the nature of the creative

process, and the determinants of creativity. (Chap 5 143-147)

Please use the corresponding chapters and pages for context when writing the paper. Please use other resources as well.  I need this by Friday Jan 25th 11pm.



Paper format:                  



APA Style

Write for a Masters Level Course

Double Space

Times New Roman

12 Font

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