wrongful arrest and false imprisonment and detention 2 3 pages needed 3 hours


Hello I need  editing of what is written here and also add  cititation from local and Federal law  as it related to this matter –



Abdullahi Razak




To whom it concerns:


On June 6, 2014, I was arrested by Brooklyn Park police officers when I was jogging on the street without arrest warrant or any wrong doing. After they handcuffed me, I was pushed against the police car, and I was threatened. After a half an hour to hour, they told to get out of their car as they did have any evidence against me to take me to the court; however, I refused to do so until they take me to the court where I thought I will get justice because they put me through a lot of physical and mental distresses. I was called stupid and bruised even though It has disappeared except it scar. As a result, I felt insecurity, embarrassed, and I also felt people like me will not even be safe to walk on the street freely as they desired or as everybody else without enduring police officers harassment.  In fact, since I did not do any crime and I was just grabbed out of the street and wrongfully detained, harassed, and denied food, I never expected to be charged with crime of obstructionism. To be honest, I am in deep shock and disbelieve about what justice and injustice because the police officers who had done injustice to me charged me with obstruction. Since I have been arrested, I did not know my right and responsibility after I was released from jail. They did not even tell me I needed to go to the court or I was charged as a result I missed the court date.


  Following that, my arrest warrant released I was arrested the second time when I went to down town Minneapolis government center for different matter.  When I was arrested the second time, the police officers who arrested me asked me for 300 dollars bond or 78 dollars in cash. Since I did not have three hundred dollars, I agreed to pay seventy eight dollars in cash ; however, since I did not have the exact cash on hand, I asked them if I could call someone to bring me that 78 dollars in cash, but they denied me to the chance to do so. After they locked up for an hour and a half at where I was arrested, the other police officer, come and picked up me and took me to different jail.  Since I was walked through underground hall, I did not even know where he was taking me. After they had done with their ordeal searching and scanning, I was detained with a group of inmate for a half an hour. When asked them to go to the rest room, I was told to hold on it because they were busy.  When they finally took me to the restroom, I figured out it intended for punitive not only for restroom use. There was where they put inmates who asked them for restroom incommunicado so that they will not ask for rest room. Every room I was in was unreasonably cold for me and I had to sit on that cold floor for 14 to 15 hours.   There was where I stayed the rest of my hours even though I was being transferred from one room to another room. Even though officers’ station temperature is at comfortable for them, the inmates’ rooms were unbearably cold for me at least. Even though I begged them for warmer room or blanket, they did not even answer my call. If you call them a few times, instead of answering your call, they will close tiny window you would through.  I was even told asking for anything will make me stay there longer than usual. For example, my booking processes took longer than I was told when I was admitted to the correctional facility because I asked them for a restroom. As result, I feel unusual sensation on my butt and my neck hurt so much since then. If that was not a torture, what do you call a torture? I never imagined correctional facility as torture place I taught it as place where inmates learn doing a right things or stop doing wrong things.  There was not even a toilet paper and I was not given a food except one apple. Even though I told them I could not eat the food they gave for religious reason, I was told no food other than what I got.  When I read the correction facility rule book, it says inmates have a right to request different food if they are given the food that don’t with their religion.


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