you will be writing a literature review about mental illness in the sports industry

For this assignment, you will be writing a literature review about a topic relevant to your academic/professional field( I am a Sport Management Major so include that). The topic you choose should be specific enough that you are able to research it effectively without being overwhelmed, but not so narrow that you limit yourself to only a handful of relevant materials. Here are some ideas for coming up with a topic:

  • Identify a known problem within your field and explore the various research done to address the problem
  • Select a controversial topic and examine the different perspectives of professionals/ academics in your field about this issue
  • Trace the historical development/significance of a theory or practice within your fieldYour literature review should be organized according to the following guidelines (see the UNC handout for more information about each section) and contain a review of at least 7 sources, at least 5 of which must be scholarly/academic materials:
  • Introduction (including thesis)
  • Methods and Standards
  • Body (utilizing either a chronological, thematic, or methodological organization—youshould determine this based on your specific topic and the most effective way to examinethe materials you’ve collected)
  • ConclusionYour research process should help you accumulate many more sources than you will need to include in the paper—the more materials you gather, the more selective and strategic you can be about the ones to include, which will result in a more focused, accurate, and cohesive literature review. Therefore, make sure that you don’t just stop researching once you’ve found the first seven seemingly relevant materials. Search far and wide, vary your search terms, follow tangents, and explore different leads (your primary search engine should be our own Cunningham Memorial Library online databases). Your ultimate selection process will then be detailed in the “Methods and Standards” section of your paper. This will help your readers understand how and why you decided to review the texts included therein.

Required page length: 5-7 pages
Times New Roman size 12 font1
One inch margins all around
Your literature review must have an original title

Your paper must follow either MLA or APA guidelines for format and citation, which includes a Works Cited page (MLA) or a References page (APA); for this assignment, use whichever style with which you are most comfortable, but be sure to remain consistent.

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