zappos culture colors

STEP 1: Watch the following video:

STEP 2: After watching the video about culture at Zappo’s, you should be aware that they have 10 Core Values. Holding to Zappo’s idea that they always want work to be fun, they found a clever way to help employees embrace the culture; coloring sheets. That’s right, coloring sheets. Below are the 10 Core Values from which you get to choose the one, that resonated with you the most, and color the sheet. You will have to find a way to print the picture from home, work, parents office, SWOSU computer lab, etc. If you have tried everything possible to print and cannot, email me and just upload an uncolored sheet. You must still do the writing assignment in STEP 3


STEP 3: Write a 100-150 word description of why this core value meant the most to you. Then submit your colored picture and your writing assignment in the dropbox on Canvas.

I hope this is a fun exercise that shows one of many ways management can teach and develop employees

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