Nursing  Clinical Supervision

I NEED A RESPONSE TO THIS ASSIGNMENT2 REFERENCESZERO PLAGIARISMADHD is referred to 3 different activities which are  impulsiveness, inattentiveness ,hyperactivity each present in different moods and so parents must watch out for these carefully ,These children are always on the go and in this case, we need to guide the parents on how to take care pf these children without any harmGuides to parents making sure there is enough  support at ,home ,school ,church anywhere the child will go( Tarver J2014).Parents must work along with the child’s teachers,guidians to help support your child.Parents must share a quiet ,very pleasant or any calming moments with the kids.All these children must be praised and directed well during their activities they need to be praised and support their strength and capabilities .Parents must be patients with the children treatments regimens.Parents must make sure to take their children for therapy they should make sure if the child is doing telehealth must be there to set up the virtual health because they become distracted with that ,to make it smoothly for him and the therapists.Parents must also make sure all the long-term medications are adhered to by the child.Parents must join group therapy sessions to help shape parents and support groups ask for resources to help take care if the child.References.You may refer to the following resources to know in detail about ADHD and how you can help your child also :Starch M, Grunwald J, Schlarb AA. Occurrence of ADHD in parents of ADHD children in a clinical sample. Neuropsychiatry Dis Treat. 2016;12:581–8Tarver J, Daley D, Saya K. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): an updated review of the essential facts. Child Care Health Dev. 2014;40:762

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