Nursing  Module 1 SLP Healthcare

Please read the attachment before beginning the assignment. No outside resources and only use what information is provide to complete homework that is located in the attachment.There are a variety of things that if cleaned up will make your assignment a much better finished product.  First you need to source your information in the paper or in this case the powerpoint presentation and not just the reference page.  By sourcing them in the actual document it lets me know where you got that information and also avoids any potential plagiarism.You should talk about some of the results of your SWOT like examples of each for the organization.  In terms of your over all goal in being more viable in terms of what quality, finances, retention or other ideas?  This would help you focus your objectives.  One suggestion is to do some research in terms of SMART objectives and write them for this assignment because right now they are so vague.  For example here is an example.  By January 2020 Smith Hospital will reduce its turn over rate by 12%.  Then you build your action steps around meeting this objective which is much easier when they are more specific.Hopefully this helps.

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