Nursing  Module 11 Discussion – Community Awareness Project for Seniors

Week 11/Module 11 Discussion AssignmentPosted on: Sunday, June 9, 2019 4:41:26 PM CDTOver the past 2-3 quarters, you have encountered much opportunity to learn, and therefore, much opportunity to suffer.  The Greek Poet, Aeschylus (523-456 BCE), wrote that “to learn is to suffer.”  He went on to comment that in time, suffering comes to have meaning through our own processing of the experience, giving us understanding and wisdom.For resilience, one must find ways to reduce the burden of stress.  Self-care (physical, social, psychological and spiritual engagement), reflexivity (coming to know one’s strengths, development opportunities, and biases), integrity (recognizing and validating one’s moral compass for right and wrong guided by personal and professional codes of ethics), and comradery (nurturing and maintaining professional and personal associations and friendships with colleagues and classmates) are all ways in which we nourish ourselves, enrich our journey and deepen our commitment to success.For this last discussion assignment, consider the following ways to address stress, described above: write about the 4 item list belowSelf-care planReflexivity in learningSelf-identification with integrityComradery amongst classmatesShare with your classmates how you will manage your stress using one of these four stress management strategies in the coming months as you continue to progress through the program.  Be specific.  Include your reasoning (evidence from your textbook and/or other sources) to support your plan.Respond thoughtfully to your classmates no later than Friday, 6/14/19, at 11:59pm since that is the actual end of the quarter.  In your responsive posts, include your agreement or disagreement with the plan and evidence presented to you.  Support your critique with evidence from the literature (textbook and/or other sources).As usual, submit your own, original work, abiding by APA formatting for citations and references.Discussion Board Rubric:Discussion Rubric Criteria Example Points Possible INITIAL POSTING:Incorporated knowledge of readings and material within the response, contributed a substantive posting that demonstrated cognitive reflection, critical thinking and understanding of the subject matter.Ideas examine topic from new perspective that contributes to group understanding of topic.Initial post: At least100 words in lengthPostings offered substantial, well written contributions and opinions, observations, questions, experiences, critiques, and/or suggestions.Reflects a reference from the required readings or outside readings, and/or personal experiences related to the question.Met criteria for length of response. 5RESPONSE POSTING:Responded to at least two other class members with substantial details that reflects critical thinking.Response: At least 100 words in lengthPosting to classmate either agrees or disagrees with classmate and provides evidence in support of the response.Posting is constructive and contributes to the discussion.All questions/comments posed from classmates were appropriately addressed.Meets criteria for length of response. 3MECHANICS: Posting submissions exhibit appropriate, using proper language, cordiality, grammar, punctuation of college level writing.Post follows use of APA guidelines including in-text citations and references. = Earns 1 pointNo grammar or spelling errors in answer = Earns 1 PointThree or more formatting, grammar and/or spelling errors in answer = 0 Points 2TOTAL POINTS POTENTIALLY EARNEDOne point will be deducted each day for late submissions and no submissions accepted after Saturday midnight; week of post due date.10

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