Nursing  Public Health Course: Shortage of Ethnic Dermatologist

For various reasons, there is a shortage of racial and ethnic diversity in the medical workforce.Underrepresentation in the medical profession of racial and ethnic backgrounds means that the perspectives and rich knowledge of people of color do not affect the practice of medicine in a proportionate manner and lead to the creativity and change required to improve patient care.Proposal Topic: why there is a need for ethnic dermatologist in cultural communitiesWhat is your rationale for addressing the problem you have chosen? What contribution will examining this problem make to you professionally as you enter the field? Make sure to utilize quantitative and qualitative data from scholarly sources to support your rationale.What resources will you require to complete your project? Consider, in particular, time required to conduct background research and acquire necessary source documents.To what extent was selection of this project topic and form based upon evidence from the scholarly literature? Please explain.Length: 4 pages, APA format, scholarly sources required from 2015-2020

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