15 Page Essay Quantitative Research paper on Emergency Management

Project Requirements

Though you will not actually complete a research study, to complete this project you are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Papers will include:
    • A cover page that meets APA 6th edition standards.
    • An introduction that includes a clear statement of the problem and purpose of the proposed study.
    • A review of ten appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles related to your proposed topic.
    • A proposed quantitative or qualitative approach to the proposed problem.
    • A conclusion that includes expected findings based on your knowledge of the field and your assessment of the literature related to the proposed topic.
    • References.
  • Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills.
    • Papers should be 10–15 pages in length, including the reference list.
    • Please provide a discussion of any ethical and legal ramifications that are raised by your proposed study.
    • Please include a visual representation of your conceptual framework.
    • Please use citations and references for all sources and follow APA 6th edition form and style.
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