3 to 4 page essay on the decline of the usage of the death penalty

Writing/Research Project. Students are required to submit a four-page research paper on a topic covered in the course. The project is worth 100 points and will be graded on content, organization (APA format), and grammar.

Text should be double spaced with one-inch margins using a 12 font. The paper should include a title page with student’s name, date, title, instructor’s name and course title. A minimum of four professional references is required (the textbook may constitute one of the references). The research assignment should include a bibliography page and should be consistent with A.P.A. guidelines. The title page and bibliography do not count towards the four-page limit.

For this research paper you should take a stand on the topic you want to examine. You will then conduct an examination of the available research that supports your stance. After which, you will present your findings by paraphrasing and summarizing the information within your paper. The information that you present will be cited within the paper and listed in your bibliography in accordance with the APA format.

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