business and society 5340911 2






Give a concise but thorough answer to the following chapter discussion questions.






Chapter 10:




1.     Define technology and describe three characteristics that can be used to assess it.




2.     What effect has technology had on the U.S. and global economies? Have these effects been positive or negative?




3.     Many people believe that the government should regulate business with respect to privacy online, but companies say self-regulation is more appropriate. Which approach would most benefit consumers most? Business?






Chapter 11:




1.     Define sustainability in the context of social responsibility. How does adopting this concept affect the way businesses operate?




2.    Discuss renewable energy initiatives such as wind, solar, and geothermal. Which do you think are most feasible and most important for business to focus on?




3.    What role do stakeholders play in a strategic approach to environmental issues? How can businesses satisfy the interests of diverse stakeholders?






Chapter 12:




1.    How are stakeholder relationships in a global context different from those in a domestic context? In what ways are they alike?




2.    What is national competitiveness? Describe the ways in which the three drivers of the Responsible Competitiveness Index (RCI) affect business and vice versa.




3.    Review the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) performance indicators in Table 12.10. How would a company measure its progress in these areas? Propose both quantitative and qualitative measures.


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