concert music essay will be providing concert link 1

6 paragraphs from a concert. Will be providing a link the concert.

Paragraph 1

Describe the Concert Environment (a description of the physical layout of the performance hall or venue).

1. Describe anything unique or special about the event.

2. Does the environment contribute positively or negatively to the music (Was it inviting, good acoustics, good ambiance, relaxing, noisy, busy, distracting?)

Paragraph 2

1. List pieces in the order they were played.

2. The title of the composition.

3. The composer’s name.

Paragraph 3

1. Describe the performers and instruments.

2. Performers

1. Describe the attitude and demeanor of the performers

2. Describe the clothing of the performers

3. How did the performer interact with each other and the audience?

3. Instruments

1. What instruments were being played?

1. Describe anything unique about the look, construction, or performance of the instruments

2. Describe the qualities of the sounds (a.k.a. the way the sounds sound).

1. Were they lush, bold, thick, rich, buzzy, clean, dirty, warm, wobbly, fizzy, abrasive, smooth, similar to other instruments you know?

Paragraph 4

1. Discuss some of the Musical and Performance Elements (these can be general statements that address the concert as a whole or individual pieces, songs, or performers).
2. Use the “SoundMakers Tips for Talking About Music” PDF worksheet to assist you in your writing.



1. Examples of Musical Elements

-Melody (high, low, smooth, disjunct

-Harmony (consonant or dissonant) 3.

-Texture (homophonic, monophonic, polyphonic) music

-Tempo (fast, slow)

– Orchestration (interesting effects: mutes, pizzicato, instrument pairings, etc.)

-Dynamics (Loud or Soft)

-Form (marcro sections of the music, theme, and variations)


2. . Examples of Performance Elements

-Stage Presence (Demeanor)

– Audience Interaction

-Accuracy (Pitch, Rhythm)

– Virtuosity (Complexity)

-Group Synchronicity (Tightness, Togetherness)

– Tone (Sound Quality/Color of instruments)

-Balance, Blend (Is something too loud/soft?)

-Other visual elements (Did they have video, special lighting, dancing, etc?)

Paragraph 5

1. Mood, Vibe, and Emotional Connection

1. Describe the emotional feeling expressed by this music (cerebral thinking, calm soothing, upset and angry, loneliness and betrayal, being in love, sex and sexiness, futuristic inventiveness, electronic hypnotizing, nostalgic memories, partying crazy, etc.)

2. What about the music expresses this (these) mood(s) and makes you feel this way?

Paragraph 6

1. General Reaction and Conclusion

1. What was your initial gut reaction after attending this concert?

2. Would you attend another similar concert? Why?

3. Would you recommend it to others? Why?

4. Compare this concert to other concerts that you have attended.

5. End with a single sentence statement of your summarized overall impression.



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