due tomorrow before 9:00 am with references 150 words each



Initiatives and Referendums

The website, http://www.iandrinstitute.org/Arizona.htm, contains information about the initiative and referendum process in Arizona.

What would be an item that you would propose be placed on the ballot as an initiative or referendum measure in the state where you live, if it were possible to do so? Identify the state where you live and explain why you would like the item to be on the ballot as an initiative or referendum measure.


2)Direct democracy is a great idea on paper, but, in fact, no democratic country today is a direct democracy (Switzerland is the only country classified as a “semi-direct democracy”).  Why did the Framers of the U.S. Constitution have favored a representative democracy over a direct democracy?  Moreover, what problems might there be if the U.S. was a direct democracy in modern times?

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