editing on the nissan assignment

For your utilitarian application, you are on the right track. You need to really think more about all of the people who will be affected by the short term and long term consequences. There are many people involved and affected by this. Also, I’d think through a more specific number than “10” for most people and their potential happiness/pain levels. You do not need to write more text/paragraphs, but need to significantly expand the list of people. Then email it back to me.

For utilitarianism, you have only a few categories. It’s not the numbers that I’m concerned about, it’s your ability to think through the consequences of doing something like what you’re proposing, You need to think much more expansively to add more categories of people who will be positively and negatively impacted by such a business model change.

when you make a change to the type of product you are making, then all that leads to the creation of a product changes. I’m trying not to answer the question for you. Think through things the way a business person would think through the business plan change.

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