eng 1302 final phase research powerpoint project

Now that you have written three papers about three specific events that took place in the year you chose, your research PowerPoint project will (1) reiterate these three events, (2) with a good introduction, in which you mention other notable events that took place in the year, (3) then finally focus on the three events that are the body of your paper, and finally (4) conclude with paragraph that will bring your events into the future of the year to show their importance and also to mention other minor events that impacted the year.

Keep in mind these factors in your research paper:

  1. All three sections of your PowerPoint dealing with the three major events must almost be the same size in length and scope. This is to show that they really are important events and all equally justified on being considered as major events.
  2. All information from sources must be properly documented and cited, using the correct format as shown in the Handbook. This includes text and images. Remember that all information, whether quoted or paraphrased, must have citations on the slide on which they appear.
  3. You will provide a list of Works Cited at the end of your project. Only the works actually cited are to be on this list. You should have at least five sources for each major event and also include any sources from which other information was used.
  4. Provide an appropriate title for your research paper, such as 1790: a Year of Establishment in the United States and Rebellion in the World (Do not put your title in quotation marks.
  5. You should have five paragraphs in your paper: introduction, three developmental paragraphs, and conclusion.
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