flowcharting calculations

Use of Microsoft Visio is required; no other diagramming software is permitted. Each of your flowcharts must have one start and one end; use formal flowcharting symbology as explained in the Unit 2 Reading PDF. Additional information is there to help you efficiently use this software for the purposes of this assignment.

Part 1: Flowcharting Decisions

Scenario – Your client, Springfield Wide-Range Assistance, helps veterans in a variety of ways through its walk-in locations in major cities across the country. The CEO realizes that needs are not truly met this way, and wants to explore a phone system so that veterans who live in other locations can also benefit from the organization’s help.

Diagram – Using Visio, diagram a flowchart that includes at least four decisions that must be made in order for you to choose the best provider for the client’s needs. Remember that every decision needs a binary response that leads logically to your next step. See Example 1 in the Unit 2 Reading PDF. Do not directly use source material for this part of the assignment, although you might find ideas by reviewing various business phone system websites.

Part 2: Flowcharting Calculations

Scenario – Springfield Wide-Range Assistance has used a free Web hosting service but finds the lack of support and limited storage to be a problem now that they are expanding the organization. The CEO is not interested in WordPress or templates since the desire is for a unique Web experience. You have been hired to get this project moving; your next duty is to find a new Web hosting service.

Research – Find a Web hosting service that offers 24/7 support and unlimited storage for a small-to-medium business with moderate traffic.

Diagram – Using Visio, diagram a calculation flowchart.

  • READ the cost of hosting per month.
  • Calculate tax at 8%.
  • Then multiply the monthly cost by 12.
  • If the total yearly cost is less than an amount you designate, WRITE the yearly cost.
  • If the total yearly cost is the same or more than that amount, devise a suitable response.

Remember that all results must end in one “End.” See Example 2 in the Unit 3 Reading PDF, and remember to use the asterisk * for multiplication.

Part 3: Other methods

Research – Using the textbook or online source(s), learn about any one of the following decision-enhancing methods:

  • Decision tree
  • Decision table
  • Fishbone diagram

Write – In 80 words or more, explain your chosen method’s purpose and how it is constructed. Do not include imagery of any kind; your task is to be able to explain it thoroughly using only words. If you find the word count to be difficult to reach, include an example of a situation where this method could be helpful.

Cite – Use in-text citation to properly identify your source. At the end of your assignment document, include a full reference entry in APA style.

Other important information:

  • Properly embed your Visio diagrams into your Word document. Instructions for this are in the Unit Reading PDF.
  • Make sure you have APA-compliant formatting, including a cover page, running head and page numbers, descriptive paper title, reference page, etc. Your paragraph for the third part should be double-spaced with the first line indented ½”. Do not include an abstract or table of contents.
  • Use the following subheadings, bold and centered above the pertinent parts of your paper:
    • Decision Flowchart
    • Calculation Flowchart
    • [Use the name of your chosen topic in Part 3 as your subheading]
  • Do not include “Part 1,” etc. in your subheadings.
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