i am back but now taking classes from home here is the assignment for you including 80 words summary

Hope you are doing great and you are safe, here is my assignment .Use of Microsoft Visio is required; no other diagramming software is permitted. Each of your flowcharts must have one start and one end; use formal flowcharting symbology as explained in the Unit 2 Reading PDF. Additional information is there to help you efficiently use this software for the purposes of this assignment.

Part 1: Flowcharting Decisions

Scenario – Your client, Springfield Wide-Range Assistance, helps veterans in a variety of ways through its walk-in locations in major cities across the country. The CEO realizes that needs are not truly met this way, and wants to explore a phone system so that veterans who live in other locations can also benefit from the organization’s help.

Diagram – Using Visio, diagram a flowchart that includes at least four decisions that must be made in order for you to choose the best provider for the client’s needs. Remember that every decision needs a binary response that leads logically to your next step. See Example 1 in the Unit 2 Reading PDF. Do not directly use source material for this part of the assignment, although you might find ideas by reviewing various business phone system websites.

Part 2: Flowcharting Calculations

Scenario – Springfield Wide-Range Assistance has used a free Web hosting service but finds the lack of support and limited storage to be a problem now that they are expanding the organization. The CEO is not interested in WordPress or templates since the desire is for a unique Web experience. You have been hired to get this project moving; your next duty is to find a new Web hosting service.

Research – Find a Web hosting service that offers 24/7 support and unlimited storage for a small-to-medium business with moderate traffic.

Diagram – Using Visio, diagram a calculation flowchart.

  • READ the cost of hosting per month.
  • Calculate tax at 8%.
  • Then multiply the monthly cost by 12.
  • If the total yearly cost is less than an amount you designate, WRITE the yearly cost.
  • If the total yearly cost is the same or more than that amount, devise a suitable response.

Remember that all results must end in one “End.” See Example 2 in the Unit 3 Reading PDF, and remember to use the asterisk * for multiplication.

Part 3: Other methods

Research – Using the textbook or online source(s), learn about any one of the following decision-enhancing methods:

  • Decision tree
  • Decision table
  • Fishbone diagram

Write – In 80 words or more, explain your chosen method’s purpose and how it is constructed. Do not include imagery of any kind; your task is to be able to explain it thoroughly using only words. If you find the word count to be difficult to reach, include an example of a situation where this method could be helpful.

Cite – Use in-text citation to properly identify your source. At the end of your assignment document, include a full reference entry in APA style.

Other important information:

  • Properly embed your Visio diagrams into your Word document. Instructions for this are in the Unit Reading PDF.
  • Make sure you have APA-compliant formatting, including a cover page, running head and page numbers, descriptive paper title, reference page, etc. Your paragraph for the third part should be double-spaced with the first line indented ½”. Do not include an abstract or table of contents.
  • Use the following subheadings, bold and centered above the pertinent parts of your paper:
    • Decision Flowchart
    • Calculation Flowchart
    • [Use the name of your chosen topic in Part 3 as your subheading]
  • Do not include “Part 1,” etc. in your subheadings.
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