java assignment and 3 page paper jaque


Assignment Requirements

 Java Requirements

This is what I need done for this week. I need you take the code my from Week 4 (last week) and combine it a “portion” of the code from another students Week 4 code and answer the following questions. Follow my instructions very carefully. You must take out a piece of the Java code from my Week 4 Java assignment and incorporate the code I have attached from the Student B to show that it works. The idea is to show that the code is modular and well written and interchangeable. If a portion of Student B’s code does not work please fix it so that it does work in conjunction with mine. Both of java codes are attached.

 Paper Requirements

I need a paper written a 700- to 1050-word paper written in APA format. The paper must be 100% original and will be checked against plagiarism checker for originality before final payment is made. Paper must have at least 3 references and must answer the following questions below:


Requirements for paper:


How the two programs were selected. (Explain that these the two programs were chose because they worked the best and describe something about both programs you liked, be creative)


Explain the process of identifying the classes or functions for replacement. (Here you can choose the easiest part of the code to replace and explain why you chose it)


The changes needed to make the final Java™ application program work correctly (Make sure that code works **most important part**)


The final Java™ application program (witihin a ZIP file) (Be sure to Zip the final program)

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