knowing the true history developing the country

write an essay about 1500 world and use two references ( articles ) and it should be in APA style and contain an abstract

the topic is :

should high school student be taught everything, whether good or bad about their country’s history? Or, is it better to conceal some aspects of the truth from young people, such as the grave errors committed in the past? Can a country go forward if it does not teach its young citizens the truth about its past.

My view is they should know the truth to develop the country.

try to use as mush as possible from the following vocabulary ( affective, anomaly, conduct, display, empathy, hailed, impact, in a vacuum, orchestrate, overboard, revelation, simulation, skeptical, transmit, validate).

and use past unreal conditionals grammar which is (If (subject) had not (verb), (subject) would not have been able to (verb).)

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