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Here are the instructions for this assignment:

Note: The professor has stressed in the past to include an introduction and conclusion on the case study. Thanks

It might take a page and a half instead of one page.

Sally calls you sounding pretty upset. You ask her what happened,

“Did you lose a ‘soufflé’ today or something?” Not laughing, she starts

to tell you she read that a disabled person was discriminated against by

a franchise business because the official website does not have an

accessibility policy. The disabled person sued and won. You state, “I

guess that’s possible, accessibility is grounds under the ADA. But how

in the world could a webpage not be accessible to the disabled? Or, how

would it be accessible. How does that happen?” Sally replies, “I forgot

one thing; the person suing was blind!” “It still doesn’t make sense to

me,” you state.

You and Sally will need to look into this because your new business will have a webpage. You need to get ahead of this. See if you can find the case and break it down to make sure your website is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.

Your Assignment

View these two documents:

Your Response

After viewing the documents above, write a response to Sally. Your response should contain the following:

  • The reasons why Dunkin Donuts was sued.
  • The major pitfalls businesses face in having a website.
  • Suggestions for making Sally’s website compliant with the ADA.
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