Nursing leadership

Nursing leadership plays a vital role in policymaking for the development of the profession overall. Nursing has never been simple as nurses deal with numerous stressors including exposure to the elements, lack of enough support, long working hours, excess responsibilities and working in pressure as well as lack of adequate resources. A nurse leader can be a facilitator between organization and nurses by addressing those issues in nursing. Giving voice at the right time and place to help nurses to deal with the challenges and achieve goals for better patient care is known as employee advocacy in nursing.

Advocacy for employees is affected by the organizational culture, attitude of the leader to value employees, and active listening to their concerns (Huber, 2017). A nurse leader can advocate for their employee by enhancing their career satisfaction and promoting quality as well as safe environment for better patient care (Fischer, 2017). Advocacy from a visionary leader motivates moral & ethical principles, influence better policymaking, improves the social system, and develop a widely acceptable organizational culture. It helps in establishing, maintaining, and improving the health care environment and conditions of employment to the quality with a consistent and collective approach. Professional growth is enhanced through contributions to higher education, administrative role, and leadership skills to foster independent decision-making.

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