peapod case

Relating to Peapod Case Report Format

The case write-up will entail three sections:

1. Customer Profiles (30%): Based on the in-depth interviews, develop a profile of Beatrice, Russell and Michelle that describes his/her a) personal needs and characteristics, b) perceptions of traditional grocery stores, and c) relationship with Peapod over time.

2. Managerial Perspective (30%): Based on your insights from the customer profiles, what marketing tactics and strategies do you recommend that Peapod could adopt during customer acquisition and retention?

3. Mobile Qualitative (40%): These in-depth interviews were conducted several times during 1997-1998. If Peapod were to contact you today and ask you to conduct a mobile qualitative consumer study to understand customers’ expectations of and experiences with grocery delivery services, what would you recommend?

Your mobile qualitative research should explore the grocery delivery experience and answer a research question/objective derived from the managerial perspective (question 2).

Provide the details of your recommended mobile qualitative study. Include a) which mobile qualitative method you would use, b) a detailed description of the qualitative task that the participants will complete, c) the number of and description of participants who would be recruited to participate in the study, d) describe what output your study will produce (text, photos, video, audio, etc.) and how this data would be analyzed to benefit Peapod, and e) your rationale why this method is appropriate to capture the research question/objective.


Three pages maximum, excluding exhibits which can be used for any section(s) of this write-up

Full sentences, short paragraphs

Complete the three parts of the case write-up and use headings (Customer Profiles, Managerial Perspective, Mobile Qualitative)


Here are some questions to consider for this case: Initially, what meanings do Beatrice, Russell and Michelle associate with grocery shopping? How does the Peapod service accommodate and/or change those meanings? What types of relationships do Beatrice, Russell and Michelle have with Peapod? What specific service issues do Beatrice, Russell and Michelle experience over the course of their relationships with Peapod? What marketing strategies or tactics might Peapod employ to strengthen its connection with these customers? What research questions/objectives should Peapod explore if you were to conduct this qualitative study today?

You may discuss the case with others but your write-up must be in your own words.

Review the course text, the PWY chapters 4-6 on mobile qualitative research and the Pollack and Dowling template shown in the Types of Mobile Ethnography section in Lesson 1.

Make your assumptions explicit whenever necessary.

Read your paper out loud. Does it make sense?

Grading Criteria:

Content: Have you clearly profiled Beatrice, Russell and Michelle’s relationships with Peapod? Do the profiles lead to marketing tactics and strategies that Peapod could implement? Have you identified a research question/objective that could be explored using current mobile qualitative methods? Are all aspects of your recommended mobile qualitative study clearly communicated?

Style: How clear and persuasive are your written arguments? Did you use the correct case format? Incorrect grammar, misspellings and typos will be penalized.

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