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How might surface level diversity versus deep level diversity impact Steve’s ability to excel or fail in the new district?

Based on the surface level diversity between the business and the customers, the difference in race with most of the staff would already put Steve off at a worse position than someone else, who might even be less qualified. There are many more opportunities to pick on Steve and target him ion a negative way than if he was of the majority race of the staff. If the staff got to know steve on a deeper level, such as personal, and values, and his skills and abilities, it would not be far off to say that the staff would accept Steve as a worthy new hire, however that the type of relationship needed to get past the surface level diversity seems too hard to uphold with random customers than it is with regular staff mates, resulting in what would most likely mean worse business, which then would translate to Steve getting the brunt of the criticism, not letting the staff of the district not get past the factor in his race, even if they had achieved a deeper layer of understanding within the staff. Due to the nature of the business and the fact that theyr egular deal with bigoted customers, I think the surface level diversity would be too detrimental for Steve to try to connect with the staff on a deeper level, leading to automatic failure.

If you were in Cynthia’s position, what would you do to ensure that Steve was not facing ‘impossible odds’ if hired for the position?

To reassure Steve that he was not facing “impossible odds” if hired for the position, I would use myself as a prime example, as Cynthia already did near the end of the story. Cynthia already dealt with practially the same types of surface level discrimination that Steve would have to deal with, but came out on top and proved the strengths that she knew she had from the start. Other than using Cynthia as the main example, I would also use many other minorities working in the district as further examples. The regions were described as “predominantly white,” not exclusively, meaning there might be enough minorities in high standing there to be good inspiration for Steve to reassure him that he was not facing “impossible odds.”

What role does Peter play in ensuring that women and racial minorities are provided with equal opportunities for advancement despite external constraints such as customer biases?

Despite the external constraints such as the customer biases dissuading Peter from giving minorities a higher position right off the bat, his effort in working with minorities ensures that they will reap the benefits that they should, even if it might take some more time. He shows that

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