Safety Reminder Devices

The paper has to be 5 full pages (Excluding the Title page, Abstract, and References) a total of 8 pagesThe paper is divided as follows:A) The Title of the paperB) The AbstractC) What is the specific concept (Page One)D) Nursing assessments for the specific concept (Page Two)E) Patient problems/ nursing diagnoses related to the specific concept (Page Three)F) Specific, realistic, and measurable goals attributed to patient care of the specific concept (Page Four)G) Nursing intervention for patient care of the specific concept (Page Five)H) ReferencesPAPER MUST BE IN (APA FORMAT 7)The paper must NOT have any plagiarismThe paper must have good spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.Each subject talked about must be a complete page of the paperThe final paper must be turned in no later than April 27 at 10 AM

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