write a 100 200 word discussion post for the following scenario based on the understanding of standards and variances

***For the attached scenario, write a 100-200 word discussion post with some sort of descriptive thread title, that fully describes:***

  • What you feel could have been the root cause of each of the variances

( i.e., price and quantity)

  • Based on your answer above, what would you, as a manager or owner, do about it?

(Be very specific, not just “do better”!)

***Also respond to two other classmates’ posts! Will provide the postings in comments.***

Points will be earned if (and only if):

  • You post a substantive original post meeting the word requirements, appropriate specifics, plausibility.
  • You appear to understand and be able to clearly communicate the concepts of what each type of variance could indicate.
  • You appear to have tried to come up with an original underlying reason for the variances (i.e., not just used the exact same reason already posted in someone else’s thread, and also not just something like “the variance is $200 because it is the difference between $1,600 and $1,800”).

Points will be deducted accordingly based on any deficiencies (variances?) of the above

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