government essay 8

Your current event must contain 3 components: a summary of your news article, a clear tie to your textbook, and a prediction of what you think is going to happen as an effect of your chosen event. Your summaries must be at least 100 words in length. They will be put through a word counter and a plagiarism checker, so do not just copy and paste parts of the article. You then must clearly analyze the event’s tie to your text in at least 100 words (again it will be put through a word counter and plagiarism checker). Anytime you include material from the textbook, you must cite in MLA. If this means that you are citing every time for 3 sentences in a row, this is ok. You must cite everytime!!! The last part of the assignment is to predict the effects of your chosen event. Your prediction should be at least 50 words, and is a subjective analysis in which you will use prior and newly acquired knowledge of different cause and effect relationships within the structure of Texas government policy to predict an outcome of their chosen event.

For resources on MLA citation style please see the resource librarian at TWU or you may use the Owl at Purdue web source.

The biggest mistake students make with this assignment is length and not citing properly in the second paragraph.

Some credible news sources you may wish to consult include:

While these are recommended sources, you may choose from others if you like. Again, You may not use opinion pages or blogs to draw from or you will not receive credit. Your news source must be credible. If you have questions about a news source before posting, please ask. And make sure you tied it to the summary below:

The American Federal system features a division of power between a national government and 50 state governments. As a member of the Union, Texas has certain constitutional guarantees and limitations. Several constitutional provisions in the U.S. constitution affect interstate relations and state immunity. Controversy may arise when uniformly in certain areas of policy among the states does not exist. Powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or to the people under the Tenth Amendment. These state powers have largely formed around several broad categories, and identifying a clear boundary between state and national powers os oftem complicated. Striking a balance of power between the national and state governments is constantly shifting and evolving over time. Todays Texas constitution is the countrys second longest and, by 2018, had 498 amendments. Most amendments are statutory in nature, so the document resembles a code of laws. Texas has had seven constitution, each reflecting the political situation that exested when the soecific document was drafted. The Constitution of 1876 has endured, despite its excessive length, confusion, and statutory detail. Changing the Texas Constitution requires an amendment proposed by a two-third majority vote of the members in each legislative chamber and approved by a simple majority of the state voters in a general or specail election. Despite efforts to conduct a wholesale revision of the Texas Constitution, only piecemeal revisions has occurred. The Texas Constitution is the fundamental law that sets forth thr powers and limitations of the state government. It is composed of 17 articles. included are the Bill of Rights, an article on suffrage, articles on the three branches of state governments, and provisions concerning the power of state and local government.

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